Hey There...

My name is Johanna von Salmuth, but you can call me "Jojo".

I am a German Dancer, Choreographer and Filmmaker.

I grew up in Stuttgart in the south of Germany where I attended The Professional Dance Academy. I have also lived and studied in Vancouver, Canada and am now doing my BA in Filmmaking at MetFilm School in London, England.

I envision an entertainment industry that is sustainable and eco-friendly, filled with joyful, creative individuals all working towards a common goal.

Combining my love for dance and film together with music and other art is one of my biggest passions. I aim to find other like-minded people to collaborate and create with. 

For me, being able to disappear into another world through theater, film and dance performances is an amazing gift - it is the reason I myself want to be a part of creating these magical experiences for future generations to enjoy.

I am available for film and choreography projects, dance workshops and teaching jobs - Please feel free to reach out through my contact page.

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I am currently doing FREE weekly dance classes every Sunday at 9:30 AM (UK Time) through Instagram Live via @Joyful_living_dancing
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